Top 6 Must Read Reasons Why Wearing A Night Guard Is Important

Did you know that 1 in 12 people clench or grind their teeth while they sleep? If you are one of the twelve that do so you are most likely experiencing migraines, sore teeth, an aching jaw, and even morning headaches. By grinding or clenching while you sleep you are damaging your teeth without even knowing it. This can result in chipping a broken tooth, wearing down your enamel that can damage existing fillings, and jaw pains. The reason you are grinding or clenching your teeth could be caused by stress. By managing your stress and wearing your custom-made night guard from Philadelphia Dentistry you can relieve those pains and protect your teeth at the same time. Wearing your night guard is very crucial, here are the top 6 reasons why it is so important.

1. Prevents damage to your teeth. When you are grinding and clenching your teeth you are wearing down your enamel, which in turn puts you at a higher risk of chipping, breaking, and damaging your teeth. Wearing your night guard that shapes perfectly to your teeth will prevent your upper teeth from grinding and clenching with your lower teeth, allowing you to protect your smile.

2. Reduces stress. Your custom night guard is comfortable and fits perfectly to your mouth you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it. By having your night guard fit specifically to your teeth it reduces the stress that typically would be placed on your jaw and muscles.

3. Prevents headaches. Patients notice right away when they wear their night guard that their headaches and neck pains are reduced to few or zero pain at all. Your personalized night guard is also designed to keep your teeth and bite aligned to keep tension off your jaw muscles.

4. Better night sleep. By wearing your night guard, it helps you get a better night of sleep because it is relieving pressure off your head, jaw, and neck from clenching or grinding your teeth. The way your jaw is positioned when your night guard is in helps promote muscle relaxation and reduces stress in your jaw, which will give you a better night of sleep.

5. Saving money in the long run. If you are constantly clenching or grinding your teeth every night and you’re not using a night guard your teeth are slowly being destroyed. When your teeth are being worn down to nothing you will have serious dental problems. This will result in paying for restorative and cosmetic treatments and in the long run that is an expensive investment.

6. No more snoring. Yes, wearing a night guard could prevent you from snoring. So, if it’s you or your significant other you’ll been please when wearing your night guard that you’ll be getting a snore free sleep. The way it works is when you’re wearing your night guard it creates a small space in-between your jaw, increasing the air intake which allows you to breathe much better.

Getting your custom-made night guard is very simple and will only take 2 visits. The first visit you will have a mold created perfectly of your teeth and then the second visit you will pick it up. It’s that simple and the benefits are too awesome to ignore. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment 215-568-6222 you won’t regret it!


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