Cosmetic Dentistry Compared to Contour?


Everyone is different in their own way. Different styles and features are what make us special. It might not even be noticeable, but, we make efforts to flatter ourselves. We get haircuts to frame our faces, we use makeup to define our bone structure, and we dress to complement our body’s curves. It’s human nature to desire being seen as attractive. These fashion/beauty tricks are as old as the beginning of time, yet they are still relevant to this day. With all these beauty tricks in mind, does it make you wonder if your smile complements your facial features?

Know your type

If you are, then keep reading. When considering cosmetic dentistry, there are key factors to keep in mind. For instance, if you have a round face, you know that long layered hairstyles look best on you. Smiles have similar guidelines. If your face is smaller, it wouldn’t be flattering to get long, square-shaped veneers. That style can come off as too dominant and could throw off your face proportions. If your face is round, you should go for those longer veneers, as they would create a slimming effect to your face. If your face is thin, you want to create a broader smile effect. You would avoid thin, long teeth, as they will only make your face look longer and thinner. Lastly, if your face is square-shaped, rounded teeth will help soften your smile.


Designing your smile is based on your personal preferences and what you want others to see. “When I meet with a patient that is interested in cosmetic dentistry, I always ask them what their smile goals are,” Dr. Evan Ridge explained. Our doctors want the very best for our patients and for them to be 100% satisfied. That is why we value our patient’s wants and needs. With the help of our amazing doctors, we can transform your ‘OK’ smile into your dream smile.

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