Dental Implant Procedures: What More You Need to Know

Missing teeth can make you feel self conscious when meeting new people, talking in front of large groups and even eating.  In addition to feeling self conscious, oral health problems can arise as well.  Not to worry, here at Philadelphia Dentistry we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures to aid the appearance of missing teeth such as dental implants.

implantDental Implants are artificial tooth “roots” that are surgically placed in your mouth made from metallic and ceramic materials suitable for your jaw and help support crowns, bridges and even dentures.  “This procedure for patients has come a long way over the years” says Dr. Cirka.  “In just three visits a few months apart, you can have a beautiful, natural- looking tooth.”

What are some advantages of implants?

Over the years implants have become more and more popular.  Currently there are more than 5.5 million implant procedures done annually in the US.   Here’s why they have become so popular:

  • Ideal cosmetic solution for missing teeth
  • Help straighten teeth
  • No slipping or shifting
  • Same methods of cleaning
  • Don’t rely on neighboring teeth for support

What makes you a good candidate for an Implant?

With healthy gums, you are a candidate due to having enough bone to support your new implant.  Keep in mind that illnesses like leukemia and cancer can interfere with an implant and smoking can actually double the risk of losing one!

After receiving your implants, you’ll want them to last a lifetime and the best way to properly maintain your new smile would be by visiting your dentist routinely.  Brushing at least twice a day as well as daily flossing will also aid their lifetime by keeping gums healthy.

Deciding if dental implants are right for you is a big decision.  Please contact us now to get scheduled immediately 215-568-6222.

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