Hello Summer! Veneers X Yeti Special

What’s the deal?

It is finally June! That implies you’re going on outings to the seashore, hanging with family, and making memories. Dragging every one of your assets to the seashore is agony. That is the reason unexpectedly, we’ve chosen to offer a pleasant summer special. During the whole month of June, in the event that you purchase 6 veneers, we will be gifting you a FREE Yeti Roadie 24 Cooler. This extraordinary pair is ideal for excursions to the seashore. This dynamic duo is exceptional and will keep your beverages cold and your smile great.

What are they?

Veneers can take your teeth from 0 to 100 in only two dental visits. In the event that you have any dental issues like stains, chips, breaks, openings, or even fairly slanted teeth, porcelain veneers can take those imperfections and change your grin into faultlessness! Most importantly, what are veneers? They are slender, anyway staggeringly strong, and can keep going up to 15 years as long as you have incredible oral tidiness and guarantee you’re getting your typical cleanings. Each facade is interestingly intended to improve your ideal grin. Does that imply that patients get the opportunity to plan their new teeth? It sure does! Together, you and the specialist will think of your veneer shades and sizes. This guarantees you are getting EXACTLY what you need. The veneers will go over your teeth to improve any dental issue you may be suffering from, it’s that straightforward!

Why wait?

Book your free new patient consultation with Philly Dentistry today to check whether you are a contender for veneers. In just 2 straightforward visits you can thoroughly transform your teeth into the smile you have always longed for. We are porcelain veneer specialists and have been treating patients for veneers for more than 17 years! Call today (215) 568-6222 to talk with one of our magnificent staff members and we can get all of you set up.

Let’s get social!

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