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For the past 25 years, Dr. Cirka has both operated and owned his own dentistry practice in Philadelphia.  His kind and poised disposition in his office has resulted in loyal patients and staff.  Many reviews have been submitted on various outlets, like Google Plus, Facebook and Yelp, stating that their dental visits have been the best of their lives from Philadelphia Dentistry.

Dr. Cirka gives all his patients only the greatest quality of preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry in the most pleasant way possible.  Due to his high expectations and goals for his staff, each of his four hygienists also go above and beyond in providing patients with the best possible care through comfortable cleanings.  Whether you need veneers to provide you with your dream smile, implants to aid with missing teeth or just a general examination, Dr. Cirka and his team’s expertise and experience will lead you to a healthier mouth in no time.

Dr. Cirka was born and raised in a small town near Pittsburgh, PA.  He moved to Philadelphia after being accepted to the University of Pennsylvania Dental School and has lived there ever since.  As a doctor who continues his education by learning new dental techniques, he has traveled to Germany, Africa, and throughout the U.S. to further his education.

When not in the office he’s excited by real estate, living a healthy lifestyle, and giving to both local and national charities, specifically the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the American Cancer Society, both of which have affected his family.


Continuing Dental Education:


  • Implicit Bias in Healthcare
  • HIPAA Training for Dental Healthcare Providers
  • Mediation Solutions in Dental Settings
  • Practice Accounting for Minimum Tax
  • International Oral Cancer Symposium
  • Mastering Single-Cone Obturation
  • BOTOX for the Dental Practitioner
  • Numb Tongues and Lips: Current Nerve Injury Management
  • Create the Ultimate Digital Presence for Your Practice Scientific Poster Presentations
  • The New World of Journalism – From Podcasting & Videocasting to Art and Cartoons
  • How To Increase Practice Profits, Even In Uncertain Financial Times
  • 25 Shades of Grey and A Whole Lot Less Risqué
  • The A to Z`s of Cyber and Identity Protection
  • Proper Use of Legal Entities for Lawsuit Protection and Tax Reduction
  • 10 Characteristics of Multi-Millionaire Dentists
  • Infection Control: The New York Requirement
  • Child Abuse Identification and Reporting: The New York Requirement
  • Cannabinoid Overview
  • Child Abuse Identification and Reporting: The Pennsylvania Requirement
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention: The California Law
  • Implicit Bias in Health Care
  • Responsible and Effective Opioid Prescribing
  • Infection Control for Dental Professionals: The California Requirement
  • The California Dental Practice Act


  • “Supercharge Your Clear Aligner Program” by Allison Lacoursiere, RDA.
  • “Anesthesia and Sedation for the Pediatric Dentist” by Dr. Ronald Kozinski.
  • “Clinical Update in Restorative Dentistry/Digital Implant Planning and Treatment Considerations/Dental Anxiety and Phobia” by Drs. Joseph Gedge, Eric Hu, and John Jenista.
  • “Pearls Gleaned in 45 Years of Pediatric Dentistry” by Dr. Arnold Weiss.
  • “Introduction to Hard and Soft Tissue Lasers” by Dr. Harvey Schiffman.
  • “Laser Dentistry Meets Facial Rejuvenation” by Dr. Harvey Schiffman.
  • “Periodontal Management of the Orthodontic Patient” by Dr. Michael Abrams.
  • “Next Generation CBCT for Full Mouth Reconstruction” by Dr. Jonathan Kang.
  • “Interpreting and Reporting Your CBCT Findings” by Dr. Dale Miles.
  • “Medical Update for Dentistry: From Bisphosphonates to Blood Thinners” by Dr. Glenn Maron.
  • “Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office” by Dr. Glenn Maron.
  • “Zero Sensitivity Bleaching” by Dr. Marty Zase.


  • “International Oral Cancer Symposium” by Drs. Deepak Kademani, Edward J. Miller, Jr., Elcin Zan, Alntonia Kolokythas, Robert Fitch, Esq., Daniel Sammartino, Ed Miller.
  • “Mitigation of Risk and Liability in Dentistry” by Anthony E. Chillura, Esq.
  • “The Epidemic of Cracked Teeth: New Science of Strong Teeth Seminar” by Dr. David J. Clark
  • “Endodontics: From Access Through Post-Buildups in the Most Effective Way Possible Seminar” by Dr. Barry L. Musikant.
  • “Radiation Control in Dental Practice: New York City Compliance Seminar”  by Dr. Lorna Flamer-Caldera.
  • “Bone Grafting for Dental Implants” by Dr. Alex M. Greenberg.
  • “Lip Lesions and Anomalies” by Dr. David Momtaheni.


  • “You Never Walk Alone: A Team Effort for Predictable Esthetic Care.” By Dr. Todd A. Fleischman, DMD.
  • “Combined TMJ and Orthognathic Surgery:Current Concepts and Management.” By University of Pennsylvania.
  • “OMFS COVID-19 Response Conference: Protecting Our Patients, Staff and Ourselves.” By University of Pennsylvania.
  • “Periodontal Prosthesis, Patient, Centered and Occlusion Driven Reconstructive Dentistry.” By University of Pennsylvania.
  • “Treatment Planning and Biological Principles of Perio Prosthetic Therapy in the Aesthetic Zone.” By University of Pennsylvania.
  • “Truth, Lies, and Penn Prosthodontics.” By University of Pennsylvania.
  • “Tongue and Lip Lies.” By Elizabeth Turner, DMD.
  • “Treatment Protocols in Children.” By Ben Miraglia, DDS.
  • “The Sleep Epidemic.”  By Ford Shippey, MD.
  • “Adult Sleep Disordered Breathing.” By Jon Caulfield, DDS.
  • “Home Sleep Testing.” By Ford Shippey, MD.
  • “Medical billing in the Dental Practice.” By Cat Bonar.
  • “Finding the Time/Why Would You Integrate Airway and Sleep into Your Practice.” By Ankur Gupta, DDS.
  • “Managing Trauma from Occlusion in Stage III and Stage IV Periodontitis.” By University of Pennsylvania.
  • “Osseodensification, The Science and the Clinical Applications.” By University of Pennsylvania.
  • “The People vs. Prosthodontics: Are We Good Enough?” By University of Pennsylvania.
  • “Computer-aided Engineering of Complete Dentures and Implant Prostheses:Evidence and Clinical Experiences that Include the Intraoral Scanning of Edentulous Patients.” By University of Pennsylvania.


  • “Gordon Unleashed.” By Dr. Gordon J. Christensen.
  • “Truth, Lies and Prosthodontics,” by Dr. Eva Anadioti
  • “Electronic Health Records: Pitfalls & Possibilities in the Digital Age.”
  • “SCOPE of Pain: Safer/Competent Opioid Prescribing Education.” By Boston University School of Medicine.
  • “Fastbraces” Seminar in New York City.
  • “Strategies for Uprighting the Roots from the Beginning of Treatment.” By Dr. Anthony Viazis
  • “The Legal and Ethical Responsibilities of Practicing Dentistry in New York State.”
  • “Practical Guide to Nightguards, Splints, Snore Guards and Sleep Apnea Appliances.”
  • “Mergers, Acquisitions, Associateships, and Transitions.”
  • “Exhibit Floor Education.”
  • “Sure Smile: The Complete Digital Orthodontic Solution.”
  • “Univ of Pennsylvania Dental Perspectives: A Day of CDE at GNYDM.”
  • “Practice Management Panel Discussion.”
  • “Henry Schein Dental Handpiece and Equipment Repair: Hands-On Workshop.”
  • “Common Oral Lesions: Differential Diagnosis and Treatment.”
  • “Making Complete Dentures a Win Win Service.”


  • “Owner’s Conference: All on Four Implants,” by Mr. Wayne Szara
  • “Clinical Management of the Avulsed Tooth- Minimizing Resorption Complications,” by Martin Trope, DMD
  • “Immediate Loading of Single Tooth Implants in the Esthetic Zone,” by George Bandelac, DDS, MS
  • “Open Your Patient’s Eyes and Up The Eyebrows,” by American Academy of Facial Esthetics
  • “Shaping the Future of Care” University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
  • “Child Abuse Identification and Reporting” PACE Academy General Dentistry
  • “It’s Not Who You Know, But Who Knows You” by David Avrin


  • “Evidence Based Analgesia for Dental by Eliot Hersh,” DMD, MS, PhD
  • Invisalign GP Summit
  • “A Paradigm Shift – Anatomically Driven Endodontics.”
  • “Technique For Intraoral Scanning.”
  • Ozzie Rich, MDT – “Immediate Load of Full Arch Restorations by Immediate Load of Full Arch Restorations.”
  • Dr. John Nase – “Clinical Operating Microscopes: They’re Not Just for Endodontists Anymore!”
  • Dr. Harvey Wank – “What to Do When It Happens to You: Preventing and Managing Common Medical Complications and Emergencies”
  • 2017 Child Abuse Prevention and Recognition Course


  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Frederic Barnett – Save or Extract: Decision Making for the Hopeless Tooth
  • Spear Education – Dr. Steve Ratcliff – “Learning Module- Temporomandibular Muscle Exam”
  • Center City Study Club – Dr. Alan Atlas “The Compromised Tooth: Risk Assessment Criteria for Tooth Retention and Protocols for Successful Reconstruction”
  • Spear Education – Dr. Steve Ratcliff – “Learning Module- Functional Evaluation of the Temporomandibular Joint”
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Bridget Marron “The Changing World of Implant Dentistry: The Latest Patient-specific Overdenture Solutions”
  • Spear Education – Dr. Steve Ratcliff – “30 Years of Iatrogenic Care”
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Stephen Brown “The Pinhole Surgical Technique: Minimally Invasive Surgery for Correcting Gingival Recession and Preserving Palatal Tissue – One Patient at a Time!”
  • Spear Education – Dr. Steve Ratcliff – “Learning Module- Temporomandibular Joint Exam”
  • Spear Education – Dr. Doug Benting – Edentulous Restoration with Known Parafunction


  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Howard Fraiman – Dentistry’s Digital Revolution
  • The Greater New York Dental Meeting – Dr. Gerard Kugel – Do’s and Don’ts of Porcelain Laminate Veneers
  • Center City Study Club – Dr. Jay Laudenbach – Management of Dental Implant Complications
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Marianna Evans – Muco-gingival Problems from an Orthodontic and Periodontal Perspective – Orthodontic Forced Eruption: Indications, Contraindications, Mechanics
    Predictable Dentistry: Occlusion Really is the Key
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Porcelain Laminate Veneers
  • The CEO Course, Level III
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Daniel Taub – “Growth Factors: The New Gold Standard in Tissue Regeneration! What’s Hot and What’s Not?”
  • Center City Study Club- Dr. Amy James – “Orthodontics Redefined”
  • Jefferson Study Club for Dentistry – Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery – “Innovation in Implant dentistry – New techniques in Digital Planning & Surgical Technique”


  • ClinCheck Setup: Begin With the End in Mind
  • Common Sense Class II Invisalign
  • Invisalign Patients in the Dental Office
  • Introduction to Invisalign G5
  • The Big “D”: Diastema
  • Look What I Can Do With My iTero
  • Using ClinCheck to Achieve Optimal Smile Design
  • Invisalign G4: The Next Generation of SmartForce Clinical Innovations
  • Unlocking the Secrets to Retention
  • Challenging Movements
  • Greater NY Dental Meeting CE Test
  • Invisalign: Path to Productivity
  • Invisalign and Veneers: Combining Two Great Technologies for One Great Smile
  • Understanding the Latest Invisalign Innovations
  • The Perfect ClinCheck: Seeing It, Communicating It
  • The Science in Invisalign G3
  • Treatment Plan Modifications using ClinCheck Pro with 3D Controls
  • Taking Your Cases to the Next Level
  • Evaluating ClinCheck: Beyond the Wizard
  • Root Movement with Invisalign
  • The Essential Guide To ClinCheck Treatment Planning and Communication
  • Treating Teen Patients with Invisalign
  • Treatment Monitoring: Top 10 Things That Can Go Wrong
  • Interproximal Reduction (IPR) Techniques
  • Treatment of Class II Malocclusion Exclusively with Invisalign
  • Staging Strategies for Predictable Outcomes


  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. I. Stephen Brown – “Improving the Patient Experience”
    Align Technology, Inc. – “Introduction to SmartTrack Aligner”
  • CME Resource – “The California Dental Practice Act”
  • ONE Resource – “Infection Control for Dental Professionals: The California Requirement”
  • CME Resource – “Medical Emergencies in the Dental Setting”
  • CME Resource – “Oral Pathology Review”


  • Align Technology, Inc. – “Long-term Stability of Invisalign Treatment of Open Bite”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “Dr., You Control the ClinCheck Treatment Plan”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “Open Bite & Crossbite Correction”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “Tooth Mass Analysis: The Key to Ideal Functional and Esthetic Invisalign Treatment”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “Don’t Hit the Panic Button Yet: 7 More Tips to Fix the Most Common Issues with Invisalign Treatment”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “The Deep Bite Challenge: Techniques to Approach the Correction of Deep Bite with Invisalign”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “Improving Clinical Results with Invisalign G3”
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Barry Levin – “Site Development: A 5-Year Update on the Science and Art of Tissue Engineering”
  • Academy of General Dentistry – Dr. Dumitru “Danny” Hphstmpioi – “Periodontal Prosthesis: What was, What is, What Will be”
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Arnold Weisgold – “Achieving Esthetic Success Around Teeth and Dental Implants”
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. I. Stephen Brown – “The Future of Lasers in Periodontal Surgery: Hype of Snake Oil”
  • TEC Teaching – Theory to Practice – “The Expanding Role of Vital Pulp Therapy: Pulp Capping, Pulpotomy, Revitalization of Previously Necrotic Pulps”
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Drs. Joseph Greenberg and Timothy Greco – “Total Facial Esthetics: How to Examine, Diagnose and Treat to a Predictably Successful Cosmetic Outcome”


  • Pride Institute – Team Extreme
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “Invisalign: Practice Integration Seminar” – Gary Kadi Lecture
  • The Cosmetic Consortium Annual Meeting – Jay Geier of The Scheduling Institute – “Ramping Up Your Practice”
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Stuart Isler – “Confronting Cosmetic Complexities”
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Stephen Brown – “Narrow Diameter Implants: Creative Solutions to Old Problems”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “Managing Occlusion with Invisalign”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “To Start or Not to Start? Secrets to Invisalign Success”
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Jonathan H. Orenstein – “My Evolution in Provisional Restorations for Tooth and Implant Restorative Dentistry”
  • Dental Learning Institute – Dr. Brian Trava – “3-D Dentistry”
  • Dental Learning Institute – Dr. Martin Jablow – “State-of-the-Art Diagnostics”
  • Dental Learning Institute – Dr. G. Franklin Shull, Jr.- ” Direct Composite Resins for Everyday Success”
  • Dental Learning Institute – Dr. Robert Lowe – “World Class Crown and Bridge: Techniques to Create Optimal Results”
  • Dental Learning Institute – Dr. Ron Kaminer – “Minimally Invasive Dentistry: Concepts, Technology and Techniques for Everyday Practice”
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Henry Salama – “Making Successful Clinical Decisions in Anterior Esthetic and Implant Therapy: Success by Design”


  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Louis Rossman – “Endodontics: Past, Present & Future”
    Brian Grubb – “Radar On, Antennae Up”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – Dr. J. Fulop-Goodling – “G3 Updates”
  • Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. – “Conventional Dental Radiography Review”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “Invisalign Secrets of Success for the Orthodontic Practice”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “Efficient Staff Delegation During Invisalign Treatment”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “Combined Treatment with Invisalign”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “Treatment Monitoring: Top Ten Things That Can Go Wrong”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “Attachment Placement & Monitoring”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “Case Study-Diastema/Frenectomy”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “Lower Incisor Extraction Cases with Invisalign”
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Brad Klassman – “Immediate Loading, Fact or Fantasy: What We Know, What We Think We Know, What Remains To Be Learned”
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Daniel Taub – “New Vistas in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: What’s Hot and What’s Not!”


  • Greater New York Dental Meeting – “Aesthetic Considerations in Restoring Congenially Missing Lateral Incisors”
  • Greater New York Dental Meeting – “Zirconia Restorations in the Aesthetic Zone”
  • Greater New York Dental Meeting – “The 10 Decisions for Restorative Success”
  • Greater New York Dental Meeting – “Crown & Bridge 101: A 2009 Update on Basic Techniques for Indirect Restorations”
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Jon Suzuki – “Current Concepts of Socket and Ridge Preservation”
  • The Cosmetic Consortium – Dr. Raymond Yukna – “The Future of Lasers in Periodontal Therapy”
  • Academy of General Dentistry – “Managing Complez Interdisciplinary Treatment Challenges”
  • Academy of General Dentistry – “Are You Avoiding the 10 Big Practice Management ‘MESStakes’?”
  • Center City Study Club – Dr. William W. Roberts – “Utilization of Anchorage Pins in Pre-prosthetic Orthodontic Alignment”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “ClinCheck: Evaluation and Modification”
  • Academy of General Dentistry – Dr. Joseph Fiorellini – “Practical Use of Growth Factors in Everyday Practice”
  • CE For Dental – Infection Control
  • American Society for Clinical Research (ASCR) – Dr. Michael Mann – “LUMINEERS Smile Design Workshop”
  • Academy of General Dentistry – Dr. Marcus Blatz – “The Ceramic Update in Esthetic and Implant Dentistry”


  • Academy of General Dentistry – Dr. Harold Baumgarten – “Strategies for Immediate Loading of Dental Implants”
  • Straumann LLC, USA – Dr. Joel Laudenbach – “Common Oral Lesions and Management Strategies in Private Practice”
  • Qi Enterprises – Dr. Paul Homoly – “Making it Easy for Patients to Say Yes!”
    Academy of General Dentistry – Dr. I. Stephen Brown – “New Concepts Old Friends”


  • Academy of General Dentistry – Drs. Paul J. Berson & Harold Yaffe – “’The Dental Spa,’ Anatomy of an Extraordinary Cosmetic Practice”


  • Academy of General Dentistry – Dr. Stephen Chu – “Dental Cosmetics: Mastering the Fabulous Four”
  • Academy of General Dentistry – Dr. Orhan Tuncay – “Design Elements of the Invisalign System and Their Implementation”


  • Align Technology, Inc. – “GP Certification I”
  • Align Technology, Inc. – “GP Certification II”

A few words from Dr. Cirka:

It is hard to find a good Philadelphia dentist and to achieve good dental care. It has become my personal mission to change that.

The dentistry that I provide to you will be long-lasting, of excellent quality, and completed gently. I value your time as if it were my own. You will be seen promptly – within a few minutes of your appointed time. We schedule ample time for each of your needs so that you never feel rushed. My reputation depends on going above and beyond what my patients expect of me.

My patients are the reason I love my job. You tell me about your successes and challenges, your family and home lives, your hobbies and vacations. Each person is unique and has his or her own concerns. Listening and coming to an agreement before any work begins is as important to me as it is to my patients. Until you are happy, healthy and heard, my work is not finished.

I encourage open communication. I will do my best to communicate before anything is done. If you have a concern that I did not address, please mention it. I provide the truth to my patients in regards to what they need. I do this so that together we can improve their oral and overall health to increase your quality of life. What this means for you is that there is no other doctor or office that is more open and gentle with your dental care than my staff and me.

I highly respect my employees as they are the most friendly, caring, and courteous people and they fully support my vision of providing top-notch dental care at reasonable prices. In fact, the two employees who launched the office with me over thirteen years ago are still working with me today. Our collective goal is to help our patients be as happy and healthy – both orally and overall – as possible. We understand that your health depends on you seeing a dentist regularly and we try to make that as enjoyable as possible.

We look forward to meeting you.

Most sincerely,

Dr. Cirka


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