Philadelphia Dentist Cleanings Video Testimonial from Kristin C.

Kristin C. was referred to our office from a friend years ago and comes in every 3 months for cleanings because she’s prone to easy build up. She recommends our office to everyone she knows because she understands that our number one goal is to keep our patients healthy, “This office is amazing and I’m glad they take time to educate me on my oral health each visit!”. Watch Kristen C.’s dentist cleanings video testimonial as she explains why she loves coming to Philadelphia Dentistry.

Philadelphia Dentist Dental Crowns Testimonial from AJ S.

AJ S. has been a patient of ours since 2009 and was first referred to our office by an existing patient. Over the years he’s received cleanings, sealants, crowns and a nightguard. “The staff her are beyond exceptional and I recommend this office to everyone I know!” Watch the dental crowns testimonial from AJ S.

Philadelphia Dentist Invisalign Testimonial from Cuong

Cuong D. was first referred to our office by a friend who found us on Facebook. He’s received routine cleanings from us and is currently on an Invisalign treatment plan, “I’ve had old fashioned metal braces in the past and they don’t even compare to the ease of Invisalign- next to no pain at all!” Watch the Invisalign Testimonial

Degan D. Philadelphia Dentist Testimonial

Degan D. has been a patient of ours for years ever since her and her parents found us online based on our high reviews. She’s received cleanings and even a nightguard from us to prevent her teeth grinding while she’s asleep which used to lead to constant headaches. “Getting a nightguard has been the best thing ever. Every morning I’d wake up with a headache and I had no clue what the cause was. I’m glad the doctors here could help me!”

Anthony C. – Philadelphia Dentistry Video Testimonial

Anthony C. has been a patient of ours since 2004 and first sought out Dr. Cirka’s practice online while searching for an office who could help overcome dental anxieties. In no time, Anthony felt completely at ease and comfortable while in our care and has received crowns, rootcanals, a nightguard and cleanings. “I now love coming to the dentist and that’s something I thought I never would say. The staff here are amazing!”

Mike P. – Philadelphia Dentistry Video Testimonial

Mike P. is a newer patient of our practice and has received a nightguard, crowns and cleanings. He first heard about our office from current patients of ours and is glad that he is now a patient, “I can see why this office was highly recommended. The staff here stop at nothing to ensure each patient is healthy and are so professional!”

Kim P. – Philadelphia Dentistry Video Testimonial

Kim P. has been a patient of ours for over 10 years and has had a huge fear of the dentist ever since he can remember. Over the years, we’ve worked with him to help overcome his fear by providing gentle care while also educating him regarding the current state of his dental health. He’s now on track with his current oral health and is grateful to find a dental office that meets all his needs, “If you’re a patient in fear, this is the office for you! Both the doctors and hygienist take such great care of me and … Read more…