White Teeth in Only an Hour?

Are you unsatisfied with the color of your teeth? Do you have stains that make you embarrassed to smile? Well have no fear, there is a way to get those sparkly white teeth you always wanted, and it only takes one hour! At Philadelphia Dentistry we offer an in-office teeth whitening procedure called, ZOOM! Whitening. Before the whitening begins there is an initial evaluation and teeth cleaning which is recommended preceding the treatment.

Once that is complete it is time to safely cover the patients lips and gums. The dentist will then apply the ZOOM! Whitening gel. What makes ZOOM! different from other whitening gels is that it combines a special light that helps the teeth to break down stains and discoloration. During the treatment patients can relax and listen to music while their teeth are being whitened. After the hour is up just a quick five-minute fluoride treatment will be done to finish the procedure. On average, teeth can become ten shades whiter, sometimes even more! What you can expect from ZOOM! Whitening is that the results can last for three years as long as you continue to get your routine cleanings every six months. Not only can Philadelphia Dentistry make your teeth whiter in just one hour, you’ll also receive free customized whitening trays with free bleach gel. This allows you to touch up your smile anytime you want in the comfort of your own home.
Types of Tooth Stains
When it comes to teeth stains there are different types and different ways of acquiring these specific stains. Below you’ll learn about each different type of stain and how someone goes about getting these stains of their teeth.

  • 1. One dark tooth. If you have a single tooth that is darker than the rest this could be stained from the result of trauma, or caused by certain medication.
  • 2. White spots. Do you ever notice white little spots or even just one white spot on your teeth? Well, these white stains are the earliest signs of cavity formation. There is no need to panic and run straight to the dentist. As long as you are going ever 6 months for your regular cleanings and checkups, the dentist could keep an eye on it so it doesn’t form into anything serious. The reason there is white spots is because your tooth is losing calcium. This could be from your diet and low saliva production or a combination of both.
  • 3. Tetracycline stains. These types of stains are caused by a various number of anti-biotics used to treat common bacterial infections. Depending on how old the person is taking tetracycline will determine the severity of the stain or stains.
  • 4. Tobacco stains. Teeth staining from tobacco is just one of the many side effects it has on someone. The nicotine combined with the tar causes your teeth to become yellow. Nicotine is colorless, but when it is mixed with oxygen turns yellow, which then gets attached to your teeth causing them to become stained. Having said that, tobacco stains could be removed from repeated use of teeth whitening methods or if you’re in a hurry the stains could be reduced and even gone with ZOOM Whitening from Philadelphia Dentistry.
  • 5. Dental Fluorosis. As a kid you learn that fluoride is great for your teeth and that is true, but having too much fluoride intake can cause stains on your teeth. If you use toothpaste containing fluoride and you start to notice stains on your teeth, this could be from using too much toothpaste. The recommended toothpaste amount should be the size of a pea. This will lower your fluoride intake and protect you from future staining.


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