8 Reasons You Need Invisalign Right Now

Why get Invisalign?

Straightening the teeth has a lot of benefits besides cosmetics. The straighter the teeth are, the healthier the mouth is. This is true for young patients as well as adults.

In the past, traditional metal bracket braces were needed to straighten teeth. Now dentists are very successful in treating patients with clear aligner therapy to correct malocclusion (a bad bite).

Malocclusion can come in many forms and cause various problems for people. It is important to have your dentist and hygienist evaluate your bite and determine whether you would benefit from alignment of your teeth.

Clear aligner therapy is done using Invisalign. Clear plastic trays are custom made for patient’s teeth and are designed to move the teeth just like braces, only faster!

Here are the top eight reasons that you need Invisalign right now. They are listed below from LEAST important to MOST important:

  1. Cosmetics

This is always a surprise to patients. With the advancements in Invisalign treatment we are now correcting malocclusion with treatment. Cosmetic improvement is of course a wonderful side effect yet not the only reason for straightening the teeth.

  1. Invisalign Trays Double as Bleach Trays

Dental offices can charge an arm and a leg for custom bleach trays. With your Invisalign tray you can simply add the bleach material inside and this will save on cost. Ask your hygienist or dentist about how this works!

  1. Easier Appointments with Your Hygienist

Patients with crowded and overlapping teeth often have trouble brushing and flossing it these tight areas. Once the teeth are straight and in the correct position they will be much easier to keep clean. Not just at home but also in the dental office it will be easier for the hygienist to clean your teeth!


  1. Improvement in Speech and Pronunciation

The position of the two front teeth is extremely important in speech. It has to do with how the tongue moves in order to pronounce certain syllables. If the two front teeth do not teeth or if they are too long, often patients will have a lisp or have trouble with certain words and sounds. By moving the teeth we are able to improve the way people speak which improves confidence as well.

  1. Food traps will Disappear

When patients have spaces in between the teeth, food will become trapped at each meal. When the food is stuck it will cause problems with the gum tissue and the teeth. Bacteria will collect around the food and gingivitis and cavities can develop.

When the teeth are lined up in the right place food cannot get trapped as easily. This will lead to overall better oral health.

  1. Alignment Can Alleviate Pain

For people that suffer from soreness in the muscles of the face and neck, alignment often can help with symptoms. Patients with malocclusion commonly have symptoms of TMJ, temporomandibular Image result for dental painjoint disorder. Patients that suffer from sore neck and face muscles due to clenching and grinding the teeth can see an improvement when we correct the malocclusion (bad bite). As long as there is nothing wrong with the actual joint itself, which is extremely rare, using Invisalign can relieve symptoms.

  1. Better digestion

The process of digestion begins in the mouth. If the teeth are not aligned properly then it is difficult to properly chew your food. Though swallowing does not present an issue, if the food particles are not broken down properly then the absorption of the nutrients in the food is hindered in the stomach and the intestines. This will affect your entire body and your health! By aligning the teeth with Invisalign you will be able to correctly chew your food so that it can be absorbed by your body.

  1. A Good Bite

There are so many reasons that a good bite is helpful. Just look above at what was written!

Patients love the cosmetic improvement but sometimes are unaware of the overall health improvements too.

If you are living with pain in your face and neck or suffering from a bad bite, be sure to schedule an appointment to ask your dentist about clear aligner therapy and see how it can help you improve your life.

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