5 Ways Your Dentist Can Help You Look Younger

A big secret to how to look younger is in your teeth. Looking beautiful is often associated with looking younger and the teeth play a big part in this. Studies show that a smile is the first thing people notice about you. Working with your dentist to either preserve your natural teeth or enhance them is a great place to start in looking younger and being healthier.secret-tips-to-look-younger

Prevention is an important part in staying healthy. It is important to brush twice daily, floss daily, and see your dentist regularly for a checkup and cleaning. While prevention is a key role, it unfortunately cannot prevent the natural aging process of the teeth. This is where the dentist comes in and can make recommendations on how to preserve or enhance the appearance of your smile.

Here are 5 ways that your dentist can help make your smile more youthful- sometimes even taking 10 to 15 years off your appearance! This is also much safer, cheaper, and natural-looking than going through cosmetic plastic surgery.

  1. Teeth Whitening

The whites of your eyes indicate youthfulness just as the whites of the teeth do.

As we age the teeth naturally darken due to absorbing color from beverages and food. By brushing after every meal you can slow this process down; however, it is impossible to completely prevent.

As we grow older the teeth will become more yellow. This is regardless of the foods we eat. Because of this when you whiten your teeth it is never permanent and you will need to touch up every so often. Work with your dentist and dental hygienist to know how often touch ups are needed as it is different for everyone.

Since the teeth will yellow no matter how well you take care of your teeth, ask your dentist about in office whitening treatments and take home whitening treatments. There are great options that are affordable and will help you look younger by improving your smile.

  1. Straightening Your Teeth

As we age the teeth start to drift and become more crooked. Even if you went through braces and they were straight at a time, eventually everyone’s teeth will start to drift. This is why the orthodontist is so adamant about wearing the retainers after orthodontics.Nightguards

When the teeth are crowded it is a dead giveaway of age. Often by straightening your teeth it will help you look 10 or even 15 years younger.

In addition to helping you look younger, straighter teeth are also healthier teeth. When the teeth are aligned they are easier to clean. This allows for enormous benefits such as a decreased risk for cavities, gum disease, and more. There are so many benefits to straightening the teeth, be sure to ask your dentist at your next checkup so that you can start the process.

  1. Remove the Silver and Replace with Tooth-Colored Fillings

Another sure way your smile can make you look your age or older is silver fillings. Ask your dentist about replacing them for one’s that match the color of your teeth. This is a great way to look younger immediately.

  1. Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Oral hygiene is a very important tool in helping your teeth stay young and healthy. You should be brushing after every meal and flossing daily to maintain good home care. Be sure to visit your dentist every six months and follow their instructions.Image result for brushing teeth

Not only is this important for your mouth and your smile, a healthy mouth is a healthier you. Problems with your mouth are linked to overall health problems like heart disease and kidney disease. Staying healthy is a great way to maintain youth and improve your life overall.

  1. Use a Night Guard

Another way that your smile can age you is if your teeth show a lot of wear and tear. At night while we sleep it is very common to clench and grind the teeth. Mostly stress causes this to happen. Another cause is airway obstruction in patients that suffer from sleep apnea. These clenching and grinding motions put major stress and force on the teeth and fillings and cause cracks and wears them down. It’s possible you may have had a family hear you doing this it can be so loud. It’s also possible that you may not know it is happening unless your dentist informs you.

A night guard can protect your teeth from this damage and keep your teeth looking more youthful. A lifetime of wearing a night guard is similar to the effects of sunblock in this regard to look young.

A youthful smile is beneficial not only for beauty and youth, but also for health. Straight and healthy teeth and gums will help you live a longer and healthier life.

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