6 Bad Foods for Your Teeth

Everybody knows somewhat how certain food and beverages can influence our teeth. Be that as it may, most  individuals aren’t oral health care experts.  Have no fear; Philly Dentistry is here with the real factors! We have incorporated a list of 6 awful foods for your teeth.


Liquor is an enjoyment to drink every now and then. In any case, mixed beverages will in general decline salivation creation in our mouths. This advances an issue as the salivation assumes a key part in shielding your teeth from acidic substance. Likewise, salivation is utilized to wash away food particles subsequent to eating. With low salivation, you are denied from these capacities and make you helpless against contamination. Continuously drink water between mixed beverages!

Espresso or Tea

Espresso and tea are two of the greatest dangers to your smile as the two of them are inclined to cause staining and discoloring. Furthermore, on the off chance that you like your beverage additionally sweet and include sugar, this likewise sets you up for more harm. Eventually, if these beverages aren’t expended with some restraint, oral well-being infections can emerge.

Potato Chips

Who doesn’t adore a decent, pungent potato chip? In the event that you don’t floss or flush your mouth following eating, issues can happen. The soft surface of potato chips can stall out in your teeth very easily. In the event that you appreciate eating chips, make certain to carry floss on you!

White Bread

At the point when you eat white bread, the starch is separated into sugar in your spit. The bread turns into a clingy substance that sticks to your teeth and gums. This could prompt oral diseases.


This one may be an astonishment, yet tomatoes make the rundown due to being acidic. Tomatoes have the most dangers when eaten raw or as a sauce. Try to remember this when including tomatoes in your preferred dishes, however evade huge amounts without flushing your mouth.

Dry Fruits

Dry natural fruit is useful for your body as they give loads of supplements! Be that as it may, dry natural fruits are inclined to stalling out in little spaces. When eating dry natural fruit, make certain to convey a pack of floss!




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