Dental Visit for the New Year

We dentists often get asked “DO I REALLY NEED TO HAVE A DENTAL EXAM?”

Here are the reasons why you need to be healthy for 2016!

Avoid Major Dental Work

You can save time and money when we dentists see something small that can be fixed quickly and easily with no discomfort.  The longer you wait, the bigger the problem (and expense) it becomes.

Protect Your Heart

With regular cleaning and checkups, we dentists and our hygienists can identify and treat gum disease in its early stages, or even prevent it from developing in the first place.  This inflammation leads to heart disease and other serious health conditions.

Keep Diabetic Blood Sugars in Check

The relationship between diabetes and gum disease.  Gum disease can add to the challenge of controlling blood sugar levels.  If you have poor sugar control, it can make you susceptible to developing gum disease.  And if you have diabetes, make regular dental visits a top priority.

Now About Cancer…

When we dentists ask you to stick out your tongue, we are looking for signs of oral cancer.  We do not want to see any abnormal changes such as a white or red patch of skin. Regular exams can help catch these cancers early and give you the best chance of a successful treatment.  If your dentist is not asking you to stick out your tongue, you may want to see a more thorough dentist like either me (Dr. Cirka) or Dr. Meier.

Grinding of Teeth and Treat Dry Mouth

Regular checkups are especially important if you’re taking a medication that causes dry mouth or even increasing grinding of your teeth at night as a side effect.  Saliva helps prevent tooth decay because it’s a source of natural remineralization.  Excessive grinding will cause your dental work and your teeth to break more quickly.  You may need a nightguard.  Ask us.

Get Completely Clean

No matter how well you clean your teeth at home, you still need to see your hygienist. Hygienists remove tartar that can build up over time and increase your risk of gum disease.  The fine, detailed instruments in the hands of an experienced dental hygienist, will prevent you from developing gum disease.

Getting Your ‘Pearly Whites’ even Whiter

Teeth whitening strips, toothpastes and rinses are everywhere.   Did you know that you’re likely to get the best result from a whitening treatment at the dentist?  Over the counter whitening trays and gels can be harmful if used incorrectly. Some of those products actually strip off a layer of the teeth, causing sensitivity.  Ask us about the one product that you can buy over the counter that works well, is not expensive, as is readily available.  

So PLEASE make a New Years Resolution and See Your Dentist :)

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