Fixing a Gummy Smile – What are my options?

gummy-smilePatients often ask if veneers or braces are the right option for them to correct a “gummy smile.” When you come into our office for an free initial consultation, Dr. Ken Cirka and Dr. Jessica Meier will evaluate your smile and see how to best achieve perfection.  “Actually there are several options and considerations that we dentists have to take into consideration to fix this problem,” Dr. Cirka says.

Many times when we evaluate patients a main concern is their “gummy smile.” They may feel that their teeth appear small or their gums show too much when they laugh.

There is a cosmetic procedure that is done to correct the gummy smile called crown lengthening.   Dr. Cirka and Dr. Meier work closely with a gum specialist called a periodontist in order to lift the gums to the ideal location to expose the underlying tooth structure.

Once the gummy smile is minimized, Dr. Cirka and Dr. Meier will be able to repair the teeth to achieve ideal cosmetics. This can be done with whitening, veneers, bonding, crowns, or some combination of these. Each case is unique as the doctor will determine the best solution for you.  Sometimes just raising the gum makes a dramatic difference without additional dental treatment.

How is Crown Lengthening done at the specialist? Does it hurt?

gummy smile before and after

The specialist that performs the procedure is able to reshape and re-contour the gums with a laser or occasionally a scalpel. By using the most advanced anesthesia techniques and techniques, this is able to be accomplished with minimal to no-pain whatsoever. We work closely with the specialist to achieve the most desirable cosmetics by creating a symmetrical and appropriate gum line for each patient.  Each situation is unique, and patients always have a say in their projected outcome.

Will this be the solution for me? Will it always be the first step in treatment?

doc w patient

Until you are examined by a doctor, it is near impossible to tell the course of treatment.  The first thing that your Philadelphia dentist will do is create a plan with you to achieve the ideal cosmetic solution for your case.  This may involve reviewing X-rays, discussing what exactly you do not like about your smile, and what can easily be done to achieve what results you are seeking.

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