Fun facts about Dr. Jeon

Dr. Mimi Jeon was born in Indiana, but grew up in King of Prussia which is about 25 minutes outside of Philadelphia. She has an older brother who works in finance in New York City and a younger sister who is a pharmacist in St. Louis. “I am the middle child, can you tell?” Dr. Jeon went to the University of Pennsylvania for her undergrad and majored in Biology and minored in Music, Chemistry and Asian American studies, graduating in 2010. After her undergrad, Dr. Jeon graduated from the University of Maryland Dental School in 2014. She completed a 1-year residency at the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical and has been working in a private practice since.

dr. mimi jeon

In 7th grade Dr. Jeon was on ESPN as a contestant in the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee hosted annually in Washington D.C. she got out in the 3rd round by misspelling the word “rurigenous.” Related to the above fact, one of her biggest pet peeves is misspelled words. She has a perfect pitch, so next time you’re around her and you sneeze or burp you can ask her what musical note it was. In high school she wrote and recorded a pop album called, “Shattered.” Finally, she bought a house in the Point Breeze neighborhood in Philadelphia this past January just like our other doctor, Dr. Meier and has been happily nesting ever since. Now you know a little bit about one of our newest doctors at Philly Dentistry.

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