Facts About Your Pets Dental Health

Everyone loves their pets, but often times we forget about their oral hygiene. Once a year you should have your pet get their teeth and gums checked by your veterinarian. This is to check for any signs of an unhealthy mouth and prevent any problems they may be experiencing. Veterinary dentistry can include anything from cleanings and fillings, to extractions.

When your pet gets to the veterinarian they will begin with an oral exam of the animals’ mouth to evaluate the health of the roots below the gumline. A typical dental cleaning for your pet will include scaling because most dental problems occur underneath the gums and the veterinarian will need to remove any plaque or tartar to ensure your pet has a healthy mouth.

If your pet seems to be experiencing any of these signs you should have them checked sooner rather than later. These problems include:

-Bad breath.
-Chipped or loose teeth.
-Retained baby teeth or any extra teeth.
-Discolored teeth or covered in plaque or tartar.
-Abnormal drooling or chewing.
-Pain in or around the mouth.
-Loss of appetite or won’t eat at all.
-Bleeding from the mouth.
-Areas around the mouth that are swelling.


The most common dental problem for cats and dogs is periodontal disease. When your pet is about 3 years old they will most likely have some early signs of periodontal disease. This is why it is so important for you to have your yearly check-ups with your pet because periodontal disease can cause more than just dental problems. If not treated this can cause your pet to have other problems which may include kidney, heart, and liver changes.

In between your pets yearly check-ups, you can help your pet by removing plaque by brushing their teeth a couple times a week to reduce plaque buildup. This can even eliminate the need for your pets periodic cleanings from your veterinarian. So, when it comes to your pet make sure you don’t forget that healthy teeth and gums are just as important for animals as they are for humans too.


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