TikTokers Shaving Their Teeth

The app, TikTok, has been filled with users acting as DIY dental professionals. Users have become fixated on shaving their teeth to change the shape of their teeth. People are using metal nail files to shave down their enamel. The whole thing wild and is totally not safe for your teeth. ​If you try to file or shave your teeth at home, you can damage the enamel on your teeth, which can lead to a whole plethora of other problems. Not to mention, how sanitary are these metal nail files?

People often cut their own hair, do unique makeup trends, etc. However, your hair grows back, and makeup washable. Once you shave your teeth, they will not grow back. ​You can’t regrow tooth enamel, so any damage is irreversible. Possible outcomes from shaving your teeth on your own:

– Need of a veneer or crown to fix over shaved teeth

– Severe sensitivity/pain

– Nerve damage

– Possible root canals or extractions

– Bleeding teeth

This is why it is crucial to only trust your dentist with professional dental work. Check out this video diving deeper into this crazy trend.




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