The Best and Worst Halloween Candy

Everyone’s sweet tooth comes out during October. Halloween is right around the corner and you see candy everywhere. There’s candy in the breakroom at work, your parent’s kitchen, and filling the grocery store aisles. It’s no secret that candy isn’t the best thing for your teeth. However, when eating it in moderation, have you ever considered the best kinds to eat? Let’s talk about the best and worst candy for your teeth so you are prepared for this Halloween!

Hard Candies

Hard candy is one of the worst kinds of candy for your teeth. This type of candy requires you to suck on it to enjoy the taste. Unfortunately, sucking on candy causes the sugars to coat your teeth. It’s like the sugar is adding a new layer. The more you eat, the more sugar is coated. In addition, there is a huge risk of breaking a tooth when eating hard candy.

Sticky Candies

Sticky candy takes the gold as the worst candy for your teeth. They stick to the surface of the teeth which makes it hard for your natural saliva or toothbrushing to get rid of it. All in all, the longer this candy sticks to your teeth, the bigger chance for cavities. To fight back against cavities, try to brush immediately after eating sticky candy!

Sour Candies

Remember Sour Patch Kids and Baby Bottle Pops? They fall under the sour candy category. These treats tend to be sticky, covered with sugar, and acidic. Acidic candy increases the risk of enamel damage. So what does that mean? It means you are at risk for cavities. Eat sour candy in moderation to keep your smile healthy!

Chocolate Bars

We have good news… if you are a KitKat, Hershey, or Snicker fan, you’re in luck! Chocolate is the best candy to eat because chocolate is easily washed off the surface of your teeth. Your natural saliva comes to the rescue and doesn’t let the chocolate sit on your teeth. Do you want to get even deeper? Dark chocolate contains the least amount of sugar. So, if you like dark chocolate you are eating the very best candy for your teeth!

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