Dental Visit for the New Year

We dentists often get asked “DO I REALLY NEED TO HAVE A DENTAL EXAM?” Here are the reasons why you need to be healthy for 2016! Avoid Major Dental Work You can save time and money when we dentists see something small that can be fixed quickly and easily with no discomfort.  The longer you wait, the bigger the problem (and expense) it becomes. Protect Your Heart With regular cleaning and checkups, we dentists and our hygienists can identify and treat gum disease in its early stages, or even prevent it from developing in the first place.  This inflammation leads to … Read more…

You and Your Toothpaste

Dental Health Toothpaste
Dental Health Toothpaste

With all many types of toothpaste on the market today, choosing the right one for you could be confusing, “I get tons of questions about toothpaste every day.  I hope that I can clarify what to use and what not to use’,” says Dr. Cirka.  Actually, “Toothpaste” may not always be paste!  Toothpaste can come in many different forms powder, gel or paste.  Many people may remember when paste was actually a powder, but rarely do you see it in mainstream America.  According to the ADA, American Dental Association, toothpaste is vital to ones oral health due to fighting off gum disease by helping to remove plaque. Fluoride, which is in most toothpaste is the key component which fights tooth decay as well as boost tooth enamel.

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